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Protect your child from pornography.
Sleep apps on demand.
Lock in YouTube Restricted Mode and SafeSearch.
*Forcefield currently supports only Apple computers, iPhones & iPads on child devices.
*Parent can use our Android or iOS app as well as our website. 


Free Setup Help and Guided Tour With a Live Technician

When you sign up with Forcefield, a live technician can walk you through the installation on your kids’ devices and give you a tour of the product.  

Forcefield is the preferred parental control software solution of Focus on the Family. Even the best parents with the best kids need help when it comes to managing apps and the internet, which is why we like Forcefield.

-Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family Trusts Forcefield


It's not spyware.

Kids are part of the conversation 
right from installation.

Puts you and your kids into a constant and nurturing conversation about responsible 
online behavior.


Shows your kids' browsing history 
and photos they post on social media.

Gives you ability to turn off apps during sleep 
and homework time.

Lets you manage it all 
from your phone.


*Forcefield currently supports only Apple computers, iPhones & iPads on child devices.  Parents can use our Android or iOS app as well as our website

"I installed Forcefield on my child’s device about a month ago, and it has completely changed the dynamic in our household. My son went from spending probably six hours a day on screens to one hour a day on screens doing non-school activities. Although we had some tension at the beginning, he has come around to like Forcefield, and even told me recently that he understands that we use Forcefield because we love him!!! He’s a 14-year-old boy! This has changed how he spends his free time — all for the better. And I don’t feel like I’m spying on him. He does however understand that his two Apple devices are privileges — subject to his parents’ supervision (which we think is entirely appropriate). We are grateful to have Forcefield."  
 - Mahoney

App Store Reviews

"My kids know this app is on their devices, so they are not tempted to search content that is harmful. We have a very open and transparent relationship and they know how tempting and harmful pornography is. This apps helps them create patterns of avoiding harmful content. 
Thank God this app exists."

- Steve 

"Apple hobbles the ability of developers to do a really effective job at controlling devices. But given all the limitations, these guys do the best job of solving the problem of over use by your kids. I use this app. It has cut way down on our family drama over the phone use."

- Bill

"It has been a Godsend at helping us get our teen back on a good path for keeping up her grades and getting into the college of her choice. It’s totally worth it to protect her right now from bad peer influences and bullying."

- Emily

"Amazing to be able to keep track of what my kids are doing on their devices. Love that the apps shut down automatically at bedtime with zero discussion."

- NYMomfromRB

"I've been looking for an app like this... and some of the others fall short and aren't the appropriate fit for what I need. I feel safer, more in control of my kids' cyber-lives, and thankful there are apps like this that stay one step ahead for us parents. Thank you Forcefield."


"Apple finally allows an app that has control over a device. No more jailbreaking to install blacklist!"


"The app sleeper has changed our household. Apps are automatically off from dinner time until morning. Kids get their homework done and get to bed without all the app and social media distractions. We love it."


"I have tried a lot of these, but Forcefield is the best. I set a repeating schedule to sleep the apps on my boys' phones during homework every night and it works perfectly. No social media distractions during study or sleep time. Although they would never admit it, I think my kids actually like the app down time."


"Great App for parental control."


"As a parent and a child development specialist, I understand both personally and professionally that families need to find the ways that work best for them. Forcefield for Parents is a wonderful option to help regulate and monitor kids' activity. In the same way you wouldn't let your kids wander around the city or the world without whatever level of monitoring you deemed appropriate, you don't want to let them wander around the Internet without supervision as well. I strongly recommend you try this out and see if it works for you and your family."


"Knowing that there is protection against unwanted content has been incredibly helpful for our family. Very grateful for Forcefield."